Custom Log Furniture

Log Styles & Finishes

Naturally Beautiful, Crafted For Your Space

Nothing matches the warmth and character of natural wood. At Rocky Top, we combine traditional handcrafting and timeless design to create custom log furniture that reflects the beauty of nature.

From the furniture in our catalogs to fully custom pieces, you can choose the perfect combination of wood styles, finishes, and textures to evoke the right mood for your space.

Log Styles

Cottage Wood Texture


Cottage logs are sanded smooth, with no texture.

Hand Hewn Wood Texture

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn logs are characterized by chiseled marks and sanded edges.

Buckridge Rustic Wood Texture

Buck Ridge™

Buck Ridge™ Rustic logs are pressure-washed to remove bark, then they’re hand-sanded to preserve each natural feature.


Each piece of wood is sanded and wiped down during production. Finishes are optional, and can include stain and two coats of finish for increased protection.

clear wood finish


Clear finishing showcases the wood’s natural color and grain.

Grizzly wood finish


Grizzly finishing is a proprietary dark brown stain that emphasizes the wood’s grain.

Unfinished wood finish


Unfinished wood is sanded and wiped down, but no stains or finishes are applied.


Sanded Smooth

Flat surfaces are sanded smooth to the touch for a clean look.
smooth wood finish


smooth grizzly wood finish


smooth unfinished wood finish


Rough Sawn

Flat surfaces are left with deep saw cuts and texture for a rustic, one-of-a-kind look.
rough clear wood finish


rough grizzly wood finish


rough unfinished wood finish


Why Does Custom Log Furniture Have Cracks?

Cracks, or checks, are a natural characteristic of log furniture. Checking happens as logs dry and age, and it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the furniture. Cracks vary in size, making each log unique. Since checking is a natural occurrence, it’s not considered a defect and isn’t subject to our limited warranty.

Our Limited Structural Warranty

Enjoy Your Furniture For Generations

Rocky Top furniture is covered by a limited structural warranty on materials and workmanship. Should a defect compromise the integrity of your furniture, the piece may be eligible for repair or replacement free of charge (excluding shipping and handling). All furniture is covered by a limited one year structural warranty.