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Log Armoires for Sale

Trying to decide what your next natural log furniture piece will be? How about a classic, rustic armoire? The style and function of the traditional armoire makes it a perfect candidate for log furniture. Our log cabin armoire is a timeless classic that can create an atmosphere of natural beauty and strength to an entire room. A log furniture armoire strategically placed in a living room or bedroom offers functionality and reliability while completing or expanding the room’s natural wood décor.


Customizable Rocky Top Log Cabin Armoires Offer Form and Function

A log furniture armoire combines form and function by providing hidden storage in a beautiful wooden piece your friends and family are sure to admire. With large closet space, two drawers, an optional built-in shelf and an optional hanging pole, these rustic armoires can store just about everything, from extra clothes to a hide away TV to treasured knick knacks. If space is an issue, the mini armoire is the perfect solution having all the same characteristics as the larger log armoire in a smaller scaled down size that will tuck neatly into any room.


And like our other classic natural log furniture, each log cabin armoire is totally unique. Our expert craftsmen handcraft each piece with sturdy mortise-and-tenon joinery and techniques that make sure these pieces will last for generations. Further customize your armoire by choosing more modern, smooth Cottage style wood, Hand Hewn wood with a more natural look that preserves the natural axe cuts in the wood or the most unrefined Buick Ridge Rustic style for a truly natural wood look. These pieces come with our lifetime structural warranty so you know you can count on them to bring your family joy for generations.


Our Northern White Cedar material not only looks great, but it’s also an extremely durable type of wood. You won’t find more reliable wood furniture anywhere. Whether you’re furnishing your main residence or a log-cabin style summer home, we’re sure you will treasure your rustic armoire year after year.


Order Your Rocky Top Rustic Armoire Today

If you’re looking for the perfect rustic wood furniture piece to complete your living room or bedroom décor, or if you want to try a piece of furniture with a timeless, natural look that is also highly functional, you’ll want one of our log cabin armoire pieces.


We can make that happen. You can have one of these gorgeous armoires in your home before you know it. To get one of your very own, just give us a call at 877-323-3885 or contact us online to order. We’ll get right to work constructing an amazing armoire piece for your very own. When it arrives, we think you’ll probably love it so much, you’ll want more Rocky Top Furniture pieces right away, so while you’re waiting, prepare yourself by requesting our free catalog now.