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Oval Rustic Coffee Table

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Rectangle Log Coffee Table

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Rocky Top Coffee Tables


There’s something about a rustic wood coffee table that really stands out. Whether you use your coffee table to display books, as an extra work space or as a place to sit around with friends and family and drink coffee, talk or play games, a rustic log coffee table makes the whole experience feel warmer and homier.


The basic rectangle log coffee table from Rocky Top is handcrafted with care by our artisans, with solid mortise and tenon joinery and our sturdy, natural Northern White Cedar wood. You can customize the style, finish and texture depending on how rugged and natural you want your coffee table to look. If you prefer a more rounded shape, we’re happy to offer our oval log cabin coffee table as well.


Choose your preferred shape and style today on our site and we’ll ship a unique, heirloom coffee table right to your home. While you’re waiting, request and have a look at our free catalog to see what other great pieces will go with your gorgeous new rustic log coffee table.