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Signature Indoor Wooden Pub Table

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Signature Rectangle Indoor Log Dining Table

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Handcrafted Signature Round Rustic Indoor Dining Table

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Signature Square Indoor Log Dining Table

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Rocky Top Log Tables


If you’re interested in rustic and log cabin décor, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking to start with a log dining room set, a rustic log dining table from Rocky Top is the perfect anchor to an incredible log cabin-style dining room. A rustic wood dining room table says “home and family” in a way that few other pieces of furniture can.


And since all of Rocky Top Furniture’s log cabin tables are heirloom pieces designed to last a lifetime, you can make memories at a  rustic dining table that you and your family will treasure.


Choosing Your Rocky Top Rustic Wood Table


We offer a variety of dining room log tables to fit the needs of different homes, families and décors. If you’re new to natural, handcrafted log furniture, you may want to start with our Signature Round Indoor Dining Table. This rustic wood table has been specially designed to fit just about any home. Everyone feels comfortable and cozy around this table, made from Northern White Cedar and customizable by style, finish and texture.


For something a little bigger and more practical for some families, our Signature Rectangle Indoor Dining Table is made with the same unique craftsmanship and quality wood, but in a size and shape that suits the needs of larger families.


For the best of both worlds, consider our Square Indoor Dining Table. For an extra surface for when guests are around, or to complete your dining room log cabin set, we recommend our Signature Indoor Pub Table — standard or longer version — which fits right in with the rest of your rustic wood décor.


Order Your Rustic Log Dining Room Table Today


If your current dining room table is showing signs of wear or even falling apart, or you’re furnishing a new home, there’s no time to waste. Our rustic wood dining room tables are built to last, by expert craftsmen using centuries-old techniques — so the only thing that will show on your table as the years go by is character!


Be sure to order some of our signature log chairs as well, to complete the set. You can choose Cottage style, which is a smoother and more refined look, Hand Hewn, a more natural look that shows the cuts in the wood to really make your piece unique, or Buck Ridge Rustic, for the most natural and unrefined look. Your choice of finish (or no finish) and texture can further customize your pieces to make a dining room that’s uniquely your own — one your friends and family are sure to enjoy.


Order directly off our website today and we’ll carefully and professionally ship your table right to you in four to eight weeks. To help you decide what other classic, durable Rocky Top log furniture pieces to add to your collection, you can request our free catalog right now. We look forward to serving all of your indoor and outdoor wood furniture needs!