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Rocky Top Log Cabin Bunk Beds


If you’re looking for rustic wood bunk beds for the kids, a cabin bunk bed from Rocky Top could be just what you’re after. These rustic bunk beds look just like ones you would have made yourself if you had the time, the wood and the expertise. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to any of that trouble, as we’re happy to do the work for you.


While kids definitely love our log bunk beds, we don’t make them just for kids. Our log bunk bed comes in four sizes: twin/twin, full/twin, full/full and queen/queen. No box springs are needed, and our quality construction can stand up to plenty of abuse from your young ones, who are sure to have amazing memories of this beautifully constructed item.


Bunk beds seem to lend themselves especially well to an authentic, log cabin look, and these beds fit perfectly with almost any bedroom décor for children’s rooms, guest rooms or wherever in your home you think they will be the best fit. Our log bunk beds also work great in any cabin or rental unit providing an ample amount of sleeping areas while maximizing space.


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Rocky Top stands by all its indoor furniture with a limited lifetime structural warranty. These beautiful wood items are heirloom pieces designed to stay in your family for generations and be passed down from parents to children to grandchildren and beyond.


Many of our satisfied customers start with one or two bookshelves or a nice, individually handcrafted bunk bed and end up furnishing whole rooms or their entire homes with natural, quality Rocky Top rustic wood log indoor furniture.


If you’re ready to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Order your favorite pieces now, being sure to choose the style, finish and texture that fits just right with the needs of your family for your home. While you’re waiting for those to arrive, request and look through our free catalog to see what your next unforgettable Rocky Top furniture item will be!