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Rocky Top Log Cabin Bed


Sleep is one of the most natural states we experience, and it can be one of the most blissful. When you see your bed, you see the promise of a reward of peace, quiet and rejuvenation after a long day hard at work. A rustic wood bed from Rocky Top perfectly encapsulates that feeling. It recalls to mind an early time where settlers sawed, shaped, cut and hammered their own log cabin bed frame, taking care to make it the perfect rustic wood bed before settling into that rest they so clearly earned.


Rustic Log Cabin Beds From Rocky Top


Rocky Top has a wide variety of great rustic wood beds for you to choose from, from the basic log twin bed to a full size, queen or even king. Rocky Top has been making log beds for over twenty years, from way back in our humble beginnings as a hobby designer in Kentucky.


Our commitment to creating beautiful, quality, durable log cabin furniture our customers love and that can be handed down for generations has only grown over the years. Since each rustic wood bed frame is designed individually by our artisans, none are exactly alike, and all can be customized to create just the type of log bed you’ve always wanted for your home.


For a rustic bed piece that will anchor your master bedroom for years to come, consider our popular Kentucky Log Bed, the log cabin bed that helped make Rocky Top famous. Made from our classic, sturdy Northern White Cedar logs, each log bed frame is carefully handcrafted to give you the ultimate in style and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a log cabin twin bed, a full, queen or king size, we can accommodate you, with a range of wood styles to give your bedroom that great rustic bedding look you’ve been dreaming about.


We’ve got many other log cabin bed styles to choose from, including our lodge bed, our panel bed and even canopy beds and day beds. Each one is unique and made with care by our wood artisans to produce a bed you’ll want to spend the rest of your nights in. And you’ll be able to, since all our beds are designed as heirloom pieces, made with expert techniques to create a bed intended to last for generations.


Order Your Incredible New Log Bed Today


Whether you live out in the country and want a bed to match or just want to add that rustic feel to your suburban home, a durable, natural, quality log bed from Rocky Top is just what you need. Pick your favorite and order directly from our site today to have your bed shipped right to you in only four to eight weeks.


While you’re waiting for your life-changing new bed to arrive, get a copy of our free catalog to help you plan the rest of your rustic bedroom set or choose other great, long-lasting, natural indoor or outdoor log cabin furniture from the experienced craftsmen at Rocky Top.