Log stairs

Log Stairs


Log stair cases are a great way to distinguish your property from the pack, whether your log stair case is in your home or part of a commercial enterprise. But if you have log stairs in your business or home, you must have adequate log stair railings.


Rocky Top Furniture has been making high-quality railings for log cabin stairs for years. We specialize in railings for rustic outdoor stairs of almost any length, and can produce railings for your indoor rustic wood stairs as well.


If you’re concerned that your rustic stair cases are too long for our railing services, don’t be. We’re able to pre-build railings for any length of stairs, for angles up to 37 degrees. Whether you have a long stairway leading to the front of your hotel or a small set of rustic stairs leading to the second floor of your home, we can accommodate you.


If you’re concerned that our railings won’t match your existing rustic wood stairs, you don’t need to worry. We offer a variety of styles, finishes and textures, to make railings ranging from the most natural, unadulterated wood log to a super-smooth, highly streamlined look and feel. We can customize your wood railings to meet your property and your stair case’s specific requirements.


Why to Choose Rocky Top for Log Stair Railings


All of our railing work comes with a five-year outdoor warranty and an indoor lifetime structural warranty. It meets commercial codes and is made from Northern White Cedar, a beautiful, solid wood that naturally resists moisture and decay. We ship our railings to you fully assembled and pre-drilled, so installation is fast and so you can start enjoying your new, authentic rustic wood railing right away.


Having quality wood railings for your rustic wood stair case is crucial. Without a railing, your stair case looks unfinished and may be unsafe. The wrong type of railing can rot unexpectedly, creating a major safety issue — especially in a commercial enterprise where hundreds of people may be using the railing each day.


Why not trust your railing construction to experts who have been designing and building quality log furniture and railings for over twenty years, and who are committed to handcrafting long-lasting, beautiful wood products right here in the United States?


Contact Rocky Top Furniture for Quality Log Stair Railings Today



You can’t afford to go without railings for your log stair cases for any lengthy period of time, especially if your stairs are used for a commercial enterprise. If you contact Rocky Top for a quote on your project today, we can figure out what your needs are and get started on your new log railing fast, so no more time is wasted. While you’re at it, remember that we bring the same quality craftsmanship and authentic wood materials to our indoor and outdoor furniture creations. Ask for our free catalog to learn more!