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Rocky Top Log Cabin Railing Ideas


If you’ve been thinking about adding log railing to your property or changing your existing log railing, here are some log railing styles to inspire you. Whether you’re looking for log stair railing ideas or railing for your deck or even a commercial property, Rocky Top would love to help you make your railing ideas a reality.


We take all your cabin railing ideas very seriously. The same craftsmanship you’ll find in all of our log furniture you will also see in any log railing work we do. As usual, we use high-quality Northern White Cedar wood, which is insect resistant and will withstand weather and climate changes, so you won’t have to worry about longevity. If you’re thinking about log deck railing ideas, you want to have confidence that your railing will stay strong and sturdy for years to come in order to protect your friends, family or guests from the dangers of a loose or unstable deck railing, and that confidence is just what we’ll provide.


Railings for All Types of Situations


Rocky Top has experience designing railings for both commercial and residential situations of all kinds, so no matter what your log railing ideas are, feel free to let your imagination run wild. We’ve built and installed railings for clients like Six Flags, Dollywood and many others for over twenty years. Our rails are fully assembled and pre-drilled so your railing can be installed and put up easily and quickly with little disruption of your regular schedule. We’re experts at custom-making all manner of wood products, so we will have no problem helping you find just the right style, finish and texture for your rail so that it fits in perfectly with the rest of your property’s decor.


Each railing you order from Rocky Top comes with a five-year outdoor warranty for your peace of mind. Railings are available in eight-foot and ten-foot sections for your convenience, or we can provide you with a completely custom package to fit your railing project perfectly.


Order Rocky Top High-Quality Log Railing Today


If looking at some of the gorgeous railings we’ve already made and hearing about our commitment to making you a fantastic railing for your stairway, deck, business or other purpose has gotten you excited, we can’t wait to talk to you. Call today for a free quote. Our in-house railing specialists and technicians have drafting, blueprint, and project layout experience and are here to assist you through every step of the process. Our wood craftsmen and sales staff love making new friends and satisfying new customers, and we’re looking forward to doing it for you and your new railing.


And because the best thing to complement a great Rocky Top rail is great Rocky Top wood furniture, be sure to sign up for our free furniture catalog to see what else we can offer your home or business.