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One of the most iconic pieces of a classic American home is the front porch swing. If you’ve got a home without a log porch outdoor swing, you probably figured they just don’t make them anymore. Well, we at Rocky Top are here to tell you that’s just not true.


We want to bring back log swings. We’d like to put rustic outdoor swings on every porch in the country, to call back a simpler time when families spent evenings together out on the porch under the stars, when courtships began on those simple outdoor log swings, when memories were made and recalled on those simple but sturdy pieces of classic outdoor wooden furniture.


And the front porch isn’t the only place for a great log porch swing. Set up outdoor log swings in your backyard for a fun distraction for the kids or another place for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy your property in comfort. A good log swing is the perfect addition to any home’s landscape. 


Outdoor Swings From Rocky Top


Because a great rustic wood swing can mean so much, we don’t want you to entrust the crafting of this soon-to-be treasured item to anyone but Rocky Top. Rocky Top understands the importance of history, careful work and fine American craftsmanship. The Rocky Top Outdoor Garden Swing is available in a four-foot and five-foot version, either the swing itself or the full garden swing and frame. Each outdoor swing is made in Cottage style, with fully sanded wood that’s smooth and comfortable to sit in.


Outdoor log swings from Rocky Top are handcrafted from our classic Northern White Cedar, which is insect repellant and resists rot and decay. Each of our individually crafted pieces has its own unique look and comes with a five-year structural warranty. However, these swings are designed to last far more than five years.


Like all the rustic wood furniture at Rocky Top, our log swings are carefully crafted as heirloom pieces, which means they are made using centuries-old techniques to last for generations, so you and your children and grandchildren can make memories for years and years to come on your outdoor log porch swing.


Order  Log Swings From Rocky Top Today


If you’re ready to add a beautiful swing to enhance the atmosphere of your home, we’re ready to help. You can easily order your Rocky Top outdoor log swing in your preferred size right now on the website. Your outdoor swing will be professionally packed and shipped to ensure it arrives safely at your home. It should arrive anywhere from four to eight weeks from the time you order.


If you like our swings, be aware there’s more furniture to be found at Rocky Top too, including both indoor and outdoor log furniture pieces. So while you’re ordering, be sure to sign up for our catalog. It’s free and can give you some great inspiration for your home décor.