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Outdoor Rocking Chairs


Does anything say home more than a great rocking chair on the front porch? We at Rocky Top certainly don’t think so. For as long as we can remember, outdoor rocking chairs have been a classic American symbol of an inviting, comfortable home, and if you’re going to have rocking chairs, you’ve got to have real log rocking chairs. When it comes to rocking chairs, authenticity really makes a difference. That’s why when you order your log rocking chairs, you want to order them from Rocky Top.


Rocky Top for Authentic Log Cabin Rocking Chairs


Why Rocky Top? Rocky Top has been making authentic log rockers and other outdoor furniture for over twenty years. While Rocky Top is well-known for our wide variety of indoor log furniture items, we’re just as proud of our rustic outdoor furniture, especially our real log rocking chairs. Each of these great-looking rustic rocking chairs is designed as an heirloom piece, meaning we hope you’ll rock  in them well into your grandparenting years, and your grandchildren will rock in them when they’re grandparents themselves.


In addition to looking great, these log rockers are extremely durable and designed for outdoor use, so you can enjoy them on your front porch or in your backyard with confidence.


Types of Rocky Top Log Rocking Chairs


While we love all our Rocky Top log rocking chairs and we  think you will too, we want to make sure you find the right chair to suit your own personal tastes. Some of the beautiful log rocking chairs featured at Rocky Top include the Outdoor Garden Rocking Chair. Handcrafted out of the finest Northern White Cedar, this Cottage-style rocking chair will welcome you right in, and don’t be surprised if a whole lazy day goes by without you ever getting out of it.


If you’re the type that requires a little more room in your rocking chair, try the larger Outdoor King Garden Rocking Chair. If the garden style isn’t for you, try our Outdoor Kentucky Rocking Chair. And remember, our furniture is all handcrafted by our Rocky Top expert craftsmen right here in the U.S., so if you have an idea for your log rocker, let us know and we’ll see what kind of custom design we can come up with.


Order Your Outdoor Log Rocking Chair Today


If you’re ready to rock the day away in the peaceful comfort of an inviting chair that will last a lifetime, choose your favorite and order online today. Each outdoor rocking chair comes with a five-year structural warranty and is made from environmentally friendly materials, using techniques that have been passed down for centuries. You may want to order two, as your significant other may get jealous watching you rock the day away. And since we’re sure you’ll love your classic log rocking chair and want to order more great furniture from Rocky Top, don’t forget to sign up for our free online catalog right now.