The Bunk Bed Revival

June 2, 2017 l Posted in: Uncategorized

Today, bunk beds are enjoying a revival of style and function. In the past, such words as utilitarian, serviceable, or efficient were used to describe these stacked sleeping arrangements. But now you might describe them as cozy, whimsical, and even elegant, especially when you have a quality log bunk bed from Rocky Top Furniture.

Gone are the days of twin stacked over twin bed just to make the most of your space. The way to make the most of any room is to use the accents and the atmosphere together to create a retreat that you don’t want to leave.

Sure, they are still great for slumber parties and children’s rooms, and with the durability of Rocky Top rustic bunk beds, even the rowdiest kids would have a hard time doing any damage. Take a look at how creative use of our Rocky Top Cottage style logs, of Unfinished White Cedar, play into a kid’s seaside-cottage-themed room . This sturdy rustic bunk bed doesn’t look like it belongs in the mountains, but is part of a white-sand beach where you can watch for The Little Mermaid or try and find Nemo.

Notice that this bed is not the standard twin mattress over twin mattress bunk, but is a full frame over a full frame. Rocky Top Cabin Bunk Beds come in four different arrangements, including Twin over Twin, but also a mix and match of a Full mattress frame under a Twin frame, a Full over Full, or a Queen over Queen. Built to last, the kids who sleep in this room now can one day watch their grandchildren enjoy the very same bed.

If it’s a cozy feel you’re trying to create, get inspired by the room with the teenager or young adult in mind. The cottage logs in a Clear finish gleam with the floors and make a smart match to our Six-Drawer-Dresser. The only thing that doesn’t match is the size of the mattresses of Twin over Full bunk bed. All pieces fit snugly into the space so that anyone would feel tucked in at night, no matter how old they are.

If a touch of elegance is what your room requires, don’t overlook the grace of the cabin room with the mountain view. Rocky Top’s Hand Hewn rustic log frame in a Clear Finish combines the rugged feel of the mountains without compromising sophistication. The tiered ceiling, and drapes, that pull back to reveal your lovely vantage point, call for bedframes in classic mountain style. This bunk bed model is a Queen over Queen frame to accommodate couples or a place for the kids to sleep on top with Mom and Dad underneath. Another log Queen bed is added to the room for an aunt and uncle or a friend who likes to spread out.

The possibilities are endless in today’s Bunk Bed Revival. If you find yourself needing to utilize a tiny bedroom or if you simply love the fun and flair of bunk beds, you no longer have to trade style for efficiency. With Rocky Top bunk beds they are one in the same.