Rustic Bedroom Ideas

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rustic bedroom decorating ideas

Many people like to play it safe and decorate their bedroom in the traditional or contemporary style — Rustic interior design just feels too risky or difficult for them to pull off. However, the rustic style is more simplistic and versatile than you might think. Far from outdated, rustic bedroom decor can make the space cozy and inviting. It can transform a room into a comfortable oasis, deck it out with timeless elegance or bring the beauty of nature indoors.

There are several components to the rustic design style. You need to consider furniture, lighting, accessories, color palettes and much more. There are even ways you could make your contemporary bedroom a little more rustic or add a rustic flair to your apartment bedroom. Leave it to the experts at Rocky Top Furniture to give you all the information you need for the rustic bedroom of your dreams.

Your Material of Choice

how to create a rustic bedroom

The number one rule for creating a rustic bedroom is to use a lot of wood. It should be your primary choice of material, appearing everywhere from ceiling beams and bed frames to nightstands and side tables. If you already have wood paneling on your walls or you have hardwood floors, all the better! Depending on the type of wood, this will instantly make you feel like you’re living in a farmhouse or barn — or at least like you’re more in touch with the outdoors.

Don’t paint your wood furniture, though. Paint will only obscure the wood’s raw, organic beauty. Using wood, particularly reclaimed wood, will add texture and depth to your living space. The weathered appearance of wood will evoke a rustic vibe in your bedroom without you having to put forth too much effort.

If you don’t have paneled walls and you do want a project to change that, you could put together a planked wood accent wall. Select your reclaimed wood, then arrange the planks vertically or horizontally across the walls, depending on what suits the space best. The other places wood could appear are virtually endless, but some other rustic bedroom decorating ideas include putting birch branches on either side of the bed, placing your bed on a reclaimed wood platform base or bringing in wooden bookshelves.

Shift the Focus From the Bed

Normally, the bed is the highlight of a bedroom. It’s the central purpose of the room, after all, and it also tends to be the biggest piece of furniture, so it’s what draws the eye first. However, depending on the current floorplan and future capabilities of your home, the bed could be upstaged by a fireplace.

creating a rustic bedroom

Having a fireplace in your bedroom screams rustic and cozy, especially a traditional one surrounded by wood or natural stone. If you don’t already have one but it’s a possibility to add, you should go for it. That fireplace may become the new focal point of a rustic bedroom.

For many, remodeling isn’t feasible, but if you’re able to spare the time and money, you can enjoy nights curled up by the fire reading a book or relaxing before bed.

Select Your Furniture

When you’re mulling over rustic bedroom decorating ideas, keep in mind that the furniture pieces you purchase are the most significant components. Try not to get distracted by sleek or delicate furniture while browsing. Your goal isn’t to create a fresh, airy space, but one that’s warm, intimate and even a bit on the old-fashioned side.

rustic bedroom furniture

That means you want furnishings that command the space. Large, chunky pieces of furniture are preferable. Think oversized wooden dressers or beds with robust frames. If you have the space, an end-of-the-bed boot bench or a blanket chest would be an attractive addition. Rustic bedroom furniture is usually made of wood, but metal can also find its place, as long as it isn’t too shiny.

As far as the bed goes, canopy beds have become quite popular. Their dreamy appearance would make any bedroom feel a little cozier. Do not feel restricted to just one type of bed, though, because Rocky Top Furniture has options for everyone. Whether you like the versatility of a Panel Bed or you’d rather have the Rocky Timber Log Bed for its Northern White Cedar wood, you’re sure to find something you love. Rustic beds from Rocky Top Furniture will both keep you comfortable and make a statement for years to come.

Determine Your Bedroom Layout

As with any other room, the layout of your rustic bedroom should strike a balance between having enough storage and providing enough space to move around. You should definitely measure your space and pay attention to the dimensions of furniture when you shop. That way you can fit in everything you need without the room ending up cramped and hampering your relaxation.

Of course, the bed is the most important piece in the puzzle. Even if you don’t have much square footage to work with, you need to prioritize placement of your bed. A king bed will take up more space than a queen, and things like canopies and bed frames will add to the size as well, so you have to remember to take everything into account. For optimal maneuverability as well as a good night’s sleep, don’t place the bed right next to a window or too close to the door.

After figuring out where to put the bed, you’ll need adequate storage for your clothes and other belongings. That means deciding whether you want an armoire, a dresser, a chest of drawers or some combination of these. In many bedrooms, you wouldn’t be able to fit all three of them, so you have to think about your individual storage requirements and what aesthetic you’re going for.

If you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out what will fit in your room, the expert designers at Rocky Top Furniture can create CAD drawings of your floorplan free of charge and help make sure each piece of furniture will work precisely in your desired space.

rustic bedroom ideas

Once storage has been taken care of, then you can see what sort of extras you can squeeze in. This could be a vanity table and chair, a trunk at the foot of your bed, or any decorative touches that call for a little more room than just wall art. A reading armchair sofa chair and a half and ottoman in a relaxing corner is a great idea, especially if it’s right beside a fireplace.

Use Textiles and Textures

While wood is the foundation of any good rustic bedroom, textiles provide the dimension and layers that pull the room together. You wouldn’t want a kitchen that’s just appliances or a living room that’s just a couch and a TV, so why would you settle for a couple pieces of bedroom furniture and call that enough?

The textiles in a rustic bedroom go beyond the linens on the bed, though they’re part of the equation, too. You should have cozy bedding, a fair number of throw blankets, long curtains or drapes, and possibly even a rug. Break up all the different shades of wood in your room with a patchwork quilt, Native American prints, stripes or other patterns. You can also create contrast in your rustic bedroom decor through the artful use of textures.

fabric textures for rustic bedrooms

Playing with texture is an excellent way to take your interior design to the next level. Besides utilizing different colors, which we will discuss later on, changing up the textures in a living space will keep it from feeling bland. Your smooth wooden furniture will accentuate the roughness of bark accents, and soft sheets next to the harsh stone of a fireplace will make them seem that much cozier.

Don’t forget that textiles and linens also offer a lot of variety. Go ahead and combine cotton, wool, burlap and fleece in the same space. Heap that window nook with pillows, and throw a woven rug or sheepskin on the floor. You’ll instantly feel enveloped by the warmth.

Rustic Bedroom Color Palette

Interior design schemes like the contemporary style give you a lot of flexibility, while others have a more distinct color palette. Rustic decorating leaves a bit of wiggle room, but there are still some rules you should follow. Generally, rustic interior design favors neutral, earthy tones. Blues and greens will feel like ushering nature indoors, and they’re both pretty easy on the eyes. Brown, beige, red, and black are attractive in rustic rooms as well. Some people like an all-brown bedroom, while it would be too much for others.

You should avoid any colors that are too bold and vivid. There’s nothing wrong with hints of color, especially if they’re faded or floral, but too much will take you away from the down-to-earth feel you’re trying to achieve. Occasionally designers can pull off using dazzling pinks or yellow-greens, but that all depends on the furnishings you already own and how the color is utilized in the space. If you use white, it shouldn’t be too bright. Off-white will pair much better with the wood décor of a rustic bedroom.

rustic bedroom decor ideas

Wood panel or natural stone walls are ideal, but if you have to paint your walls, the safest choice is barn white. Vibrant hues on the walls tend to be too stimulating for a bedroom, but for those who want to inject some more color, here are a handful of decorating ideas. Peach and warm amber are both welcoming shades for a feminine bedroom. Distressed olive green will look beautiful beside a fire, or you can opt for sage green with brown trim. Rich blue will contrast wonderfully with wooden pieces. You could even try using earthy terracotta red — just be careful not to go too bold.

Get the Lighting Right

Designing lighting for your rustic bedroom isn’t too complicated, but there are a few things you should get right. The number one rule for illuminating a rustic room, whether it’s the living room or the kitchen, is that it should feature soft, warm light.

Look for bulbs that put out yellow light, not white. This will further complement all the wooden accents in the room. Position table lamps in the bedroom or install a dimmer switch for the ceiling light to reach the right level of brightness. Chandeliers are a popular fixture in rustic rooms. They should be made of wood or horns, though sometimes people like the industrial flair that a metal chandelier brings. If you choose metal, it should not be shiny — something dull or maybe even slightly rusted is preferred.

designing a rustic bedroom

At night, even if your bedroom doesn’t have a fireplace, you want to emulate the low light of flickering flames. However, during the daylight hours, you should allow plenty of sunshine to get in. Part of the appeal of a rustic room is its connection with the natural world. Hang up thin curtains so sunlight can filter in, and the gorgeous greenery outside can be admired.

Artwork for a Rustic Bedroom

Unadorned walls are the standard in rustic bedrooms, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to hang up a couple of pieces of art. After all, it is your living space. Just remember, whether it’s a family photograph or a painting, you should mount it in a wooden frame. Unpainted and unvarnished is ideal, and if you can find a hand-carved wood frame, it’s worth the extra cash to take it home.

Now, what type of artwork should you use to fill your frames? Nature scenes are a top choice for rustic bedrooms. Look for something with a country setting or perhaps a picturesque image of a sunset. Anything with a smattering of flowers is always a safe bet. Farm animals like horses, cows or chickens will fit right in with the rest of your room. Water fowl, deer or bears will work with the design style as well. Sometimes calligraphy prints look nice with rustic decor, or you could opt for something on the patriotic side.

As a final note, try not to overdo it and completely cover your walls. Consider the rest of your room layout and other accessories first. Rustic bedrooms are often decorated in layers, but sometimes less is more.

Turning a Child’s Bedroom Rustic

If you have children, there’s no reason you can’t extend the rustic flair to their rooms as well. Much of the same advice we’ve already given applies to their space, too. You may have to explain to them that rustic doesn’t mean old and boring, and be ready to strike a compromise between your rustic bedroom decorating ideas and the things they like.

rustic bedroom ideas for kids

You should design your kid’s room with enough versatility so it can be easily revamped in the future. After all, their taste may shift several times as they grow older and graduate from a wooden bunk bed to a twin bed. Try to stick with a warm and earthy color palette like we suggested before, but don’t shy away from having a hint of whimsy like pops of their favorite colors. There’s nothing wrong with a little lilac or fuchsia in a girl’s room, for example.

One rustic bedroom idea is to give the room a theme that aligns with the décor, such as a cabin in the mountains or a building in a country western town. Make the bed with floral bedding and put up minimalistic wall art of birds or trees. You could scatter some Americana decorations around or hang up movie posters in wooden frames above your child’s five-drawer chest. It all depends on whatever they’re into at the time.

Mixing Rustic and Contemporary Elements

Maybe you don’t want to commit to a fully rustic bedroom. That’s completely alright, as there are still ways to introduce the rustic accents you crave without covering the entire room in wood. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas for redoing or altering your bedroom to make it feel a bit more rustic:

1. Use Reclaimed Wood as a Backdrop

Reclaimed wood could act as a rustic backdrop for your modern furnishings. It also contrasts well with white or cream bedroom décor, and this combination of white and brown can be quite sleek and stylish. If you’re feeling crafty, you could create stripes on the wall with pieces of reclaimed wood. This design choice or wooden wall art would pair nicely with your elegant bedspread and pillows.

2. Add a Little Gray and White

Gray weathered wood is also a great accent in a room with a contemporary look. A palette of whites and warm grays with natural or textured accessories can bring a rustic vibe to an otherwise contemporary room.

3. Make a Statement With Furniture and Lighting

statement pieces for rustic bedroom

Statement pieces like a carved log nightstand or fur rug could bring the exact rustic flavor you want. For lighting, consider naked lightbulbs, a dark metal reading lamp or a string of twinkle lights hung from a smoothed-down tree branch. Even something as simple as adding accents in brown, gray, green or nautical blue can change the visual profile of a space.

All these tips work for the kid’s room, too!

Adding Rustic Accents to Your Apartment Bedroom

For those living in an apartment complex, many of these rustic bedroom design ideas are an impossibility. You can’t just build a fireplace, paint the walls or put up wood paneling! Some places you can’t even risk hanging up artwork. Because of such living situations, we’ve compiled some additional tips for decorating in the rustic style while still adhering to apartment guidelines. Many of these suggestions also work as finishing touches for a rustic bedroom that’s already been designed but still needs a little extra something:

1. Go Wild for Greenery

Indoor plants are your friends. They’ll offer the natural beauty that rustic bedrooms strive for, and you can use bark pots or whitewashed wood planters as a bit of decoration. Tree branches or bouquets of flowers fulfill this need as well.

2. Use Whitewash as an Accent

On the topic of whitewashed wood, it could also be used for items such as picture frames or pedestals. Browse for twig home décor or rope-wrapped containers to act as candle holders, vases or cans for writing utensils. Metal candle holders without too much of a sheen have their place as well. Just try not to amass too many knickknacks, or your room will start to feel cluttered.

3. Infuse the Space With Wood and Other Subtle Pieces

If you can’t have paneled walls, search for wood-panel artwork instead. Swap out your current workstation for a wooden desk, and use wicker baskets for storage. Invest in a mirror with a wooden frame to create the illusion of more space and to help you get ready in the morning. Throw a quilt on your bed and integrate vintage pieces or farm animal décor into your bedroom. The small ways you could show your rustic side in this living space are practically limitless.

Summing It All Up

The bottom line when it comes to creating a rustic look in your bedroom is that you have plenty of options. To review:

• There’s no such thing as too much wood in a rustic bedroom.
• Bigger is better when it comes to your furniture.
• Organic colors, low lighting and plenty of textiles are the staples of a good rustic room.
• Artwork, a fireplace or a statement piece could be the cherry on top.

If you’re still in search of the perfect furniture to complete your rustic bedroom, Rocky Top Furniture has just what you’re looking for. From the Kentucky Log Bed to our three-drawer nightstands, uniqueness and quality craftsmanship are the highest priority in our American-made furniture selection. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or request a catalog today!