How to Mix Wood Tones in a Room

February 20, 2018 l Posted in: Uncategorized

Imagine sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa and watching the flames sway back and forth. You turn to place your mug on the coffee table so you can take a moment to stretch. What type of coffee table do you imagine? What material is it made of? If you imagined a log […] Read more

Porch Decorating Ideas

February 20, 2018 l Posted in: Tips

Your front porch is the first thing people see when they arrive. What does your porch say about you? Don’t worry too much — you don’t have to go over-the-top with huge porch display to make your home look inviting. A few anchor pieces of furniture and thoughtfully chosen accents create a welcoming design that […] Read more

How to Arrange Furniture

January 10, 2018 l Posted in: Tips

Furniture placement affects the look and the functionality of your space. When you nail the furniture arrangement, you highlight the beautiful pieces you pick out without sacrificing traffic flow in the space. Not sure how to position your key furniture pieces? Check out our best tips, and you’ll be ready to decorate like a pro. […] Read more

Glamping means Outdoor Adventures for All

September 6, 2017 l Posted in: Outdoor
log furniture for camping

In the past, camping wasn’t for everyone. It was only for those who wanted to sleep on the ground, in a nylon tent. And cabin camping was not considered “real camping” because it was like staying in another house, in a different place. But lately, more and more people are hearing the call of the […] Read more

How To Maintain Your Log Furniture

August 17, 2017 l Posted in: Tips
how to clean wood furniture

People choose wooden furniture for their homes or vacation houses for a few reasons. For one thing, wooden furniture — especially log furniture — is beautiful. Wood adds a warm and welcoming touch to a living room, bedroom or outdoor area. For another thing, you have many styles to choose from, from a rustic, hand-hewn, […] Read more